Monday, May 14, 2007

Has Anyone in Douglas Ever Heard of Barbecue?

Last Friday, I was in Douglas, GA (against my will). For those of you who have not been there before, you haven't missed anything. While there, I wound up with about an hour and a half to find some lunch. Since I had plenty of time, I drove looking for a barbecue restaurant. After searching for half an hour, I didn't find a single one. Actually, I did find one (called Woody's), but it was closed. I ultimately gave up and went to Zaxby's. (Douglas is so starved for restaurants that there were actually newspaper clippings on the walls about the opening of the Zaxby's. One of them even had a picture of the mayor at the grand opening.)

I'll likely have to make a return trip to Douglas in the near future. Does anyone know if a barbecue restaurant is even open in that town?


GeorgiaBBQ said...

I've got a college friend from down there, I'll see if he knows of any place good.

Anonymous said...

Po Boy's Bar-B-Que
(912) 384-1704
1701 Us-221 N Map
Douglas, GA 31533