Thursday, May 10, 2007

Slopes Barbecue (Roswell)

After having driven past it hundreds of times without stopping, I recently found myself in Roswell and stopped in at Slopes. It is part of a small local "chain" but if the Roswell location is representative of the rest it definitely does not have a chain feel, except for the somewhat Sonnys-like exterior. But once inside, the atmosphere is that of a classic family-run barbecue restaurant.

You order at a counter, and then find your way to a table to wait for the food to be brought out. Normally I order a plate with pork and two sides but today I decided on a jumbo sandwich with two sides and tea. The total came to less than $6.00, which is a bargain since I was more than full by the time I left.

(Link to the menu)

The meat was good. Not great, definitely not as good as Swallow at the Hollow or Pig n' Chik, but good. The stew was just average. Nothing special. The sauces were unmemorable. I really liked the slaw - it was the type where the vegetables are diced up or shredded very finely, and I'm not usually a fan of this type, but it worked. Mayonnaise based, but not too much.

Although I found the food to be generally average, it is definitely a classic southern barbecue place, and I would not hesitate to return. You will enjoy it, even if its not the best in town.

Also - after writing this, I checked the AJC/AccessAtlanta review, and I was pretty much in agreement. They found the meat to be a little better than I did, and to be fair that can vary from visit to visit.

34 Crossville Road
Roswell, Georgia 30076
Tel. 770.518.7000
11am to 9pm Monday through Thursday
11am to 9:30pm Friday and Saturday
Closed on Sundays


Steven said...

FYI, the food at my rehearsal dinner came from Slopes.

Anonymous said...

first time in Atlanta, for an Orienteering meet and visiting an old friend that I haven't seen in years. He took me to this joint, plywood planks, families with kids, acoustic live music, and fabulous green fried tomatoes and slabs of meat.