Thursday, May 10, 2007

In Macon against your will?

Whenever I go to prison, I like to stop off and get barbeque. Those two things go together for me like hypocrites and church. Since I was heading down to Macon to visit a client in the hoosegow (or if you prefer, the house with many doors), I stopped off at Fincher's for out of this world BBQ. On the wall were clippings reporting on astronauts eating Fincher's BBQ on the Space Shuttle. Off the wall was my 79 year old server whose name was either Delilah or Betty.

I had a "Pig" Sandwich. And then I had another. They were $2 dollars. If I wasn't in a hurry to get back home and take a nap I would have had 7. The Barbeque was good, and if value is a measure, great. Not sweet, but tangy, not drowning and not dry. Cole slaw was good and didn't suffer from the mayonnaise-first theory that some do. I'd go again today if it weren't in Macon.


GeorgiaBBQ said...

Any idea if this is connected with Fincher's Barbecue in Albany? I drove by the Albany restaurant last weekend. It looked like it was out of business, though.

Carl said...

Next time your in Macon, Try out Sticky Fingers. It is really good. Just off I-75 in the Sloppes shopping center.If you want some really good BBQ sauce go by Publix and get a bottle. I like the Carolina Memphis sweet.Best ever on smoked ribs.