Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Swallow at the Hollow (Atlanta/Roswell)

Long story short: best barbecue I've had in Atlanta.

I've heard that people love the sides at the Swallow, but that the meat didn't quite live up to the reputation. My impression was the opposite. The meat was incredible. It was smokey without having a fake liquid smoke taste like some places, and was moist without being fatty.

The sides were only average, or maybe even a little below. The slaw, which I sampled but didn't order, was probably the best. I ended up ordering the stew and baked beans. She stew had a good taste and nice consistency, but was far too salty. The beans had an odd taste that I couldn't quite make out. I might try the stew again, but probably not the beans.

The sauces were average. There was a mustard sauce, a vinegar sauce with a bit of tomato base, and a sweet sauce. All of them were too sweet. Overall not bad, just average.

Despite the shortcomings in in the sides and sauces, the meat made up for it. The Swallow has replaced "Pig n' Chik" as my favorite barbecue restaurant in Georgia.

The Swallow at the Hollow
1072 Green Street
Roswell, Georgia 30075
Serving the Greater Metro Atlanta, Georgia Area
Hours of Operation:Lunch: Wednesday-Sunday 11:00 am-2:30 pmDinner: Wednesday-Saturday 5-10 pm, Sunday 5-9 pmClosed Monday and Tuesday

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