Wednesday, May 2, 2007

K.C. Pit Barbecue (Atlanta/Sandy Springs)

Bottom Line: overall, average.

The meat (pork) was moist and covered in sauce. It had a decent smokey taste, but the smokiness tasted a little fake. But it also had far too much fat. I found myself picking out chuncks of fat. It tasted ok, but the fat content was annoying.

The sides were ok as well. Baked beans were excellent, and the stew was above average.

Sauces were average, overly sweet for my taste, similar to Swallow at the Hollow.

The place seemed very much like a chain restaurant in its ambiance. They played jazz music (which I love, but not in a BBQ joint) and served upscale martini related drinks. Definitely not the typical environment we're used to for barbecue in Georgia.

Still, it was good food, and definitely worth a try.

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